It’s painful to watch someone sit down on top of their big, bulky tri-fold wallet, right? We know better than anyone that it doesn’t just hurt your back, it hurts your confidence and pretty much your entire day whenever you have to use it.

Big bulky wallet? We have the solution.

We ditched the bulky wallet long ago and have tried many “minimalist” wallets. But we always found them lacking… they were either not minimal enough, too expensive, or overly complicated (minimalist wallets should not come with screws or levers). We decided to take all that we had learned and combine only the necessary elements into our own wallet. We truly believe we have created the most simple, affordable, and best looking minimalist wallet available; EXPRESS with LESS.

Push. Pull. Pay. Be on your way.

Our wallet expands to fit up to 15 cards as well as your cash or receipts. With aviation grade aluminum and premium, ultra strong elastic, our wallets are proudly MADE in the USA.

OUR MISSION: To give you the easiest to use, highest quality, best looking wallet you’ve seen, at an affordable price.

Proudly based in Utah, USA.