Cappla Brand - Minimalist Wallets

Hey, you! Yeah, you.

You have great taste. How do we know? Because you're here on our website. We know you appreciate simplicity and a quality product - we do, too! That's why we made the Cappla wallet. It's the thinnest, most durable, and easiest to use wallet there is. We know once you try it you'll never go back to using your old wallet again... in fact, we guarantee it!

Big bulky wallet? We have the solution.

Your old wallet stinks. No really, it literally stinks. It collects, sweat, dirt, and grim. It sits in your back pocket next to your sweaty... you get the picture. Time to ditch the old, dingy, boring wallet and upgrade to a new, modern and streamlined wallet. It's backed by our money-back guarantee and comes with a lifetime warranty. What are you waiting for? Try it risk-free and make the switch. It's everything a wallet should be, and nothing more.

Push. Pull. Pay. Be on your way.

Our wallet expands to fit up to 15 cards as well as your cash or receipts. With aviation grade aluminum and premium, ultra strong elastic, our wallets are proudly MADE in the USA.

Our Goal: To give you the easiest to use, highest quality, best looking wallet you will ever own.

Proudly based in the USA.