Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink
 Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink

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The best minimalist wallet. Guaranteed.

  • Slim, durable, any-pocket wallet
  • Expands to hold up to 12 cards + cash
  • Premium materials | ultra durable
  • Precision machined edges | soft on pockets
  • Heavy duty elastic | easy to customize
  • RFID blocking | wireless theft protection
  • Specs: 2oz | 2.2"w x 3.4"h | 0.3" thickness
  • Coins? Keep them in the coin jar.

Happily based in Utah, USA :)


    Bubblegum Pink

    A pop of pink with a fun and lively vibe.

    Ditch that old bulky wallet or purse for a slim, sleek, and sexy any-pocket wallet that will get you excited each time you use it. The Cappla Wallet is a true minimalist wallet/cardholder. Securely carry the essentials while expressing your unique style. It's so simple to use - push, pull, pay. It's the minimalist wallet. Perfected.

    Proudly based in Utah, USA. Responsibly sourced.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 205 reviews
    Lammy R.
    Love all the colors

    I have loved using this cappla wallet and the colors are great! I have the urban blue one and my wife has the sky blue

    Edward S.
    LOVE this color!

    Compact, sturdy and sleek. Love it.

    Samuel J.
    Excellent. Compact and Effective

    This is my first Cappla wallet, but it will certainly not be my last. I have a lot of cards, and this wallet helped me slim down to the cards I actually use, while protecting them from skimming. It slimmed down my wallet more than half, and it is convenient. Totally recommend!! Also thanks for the recommendation from Mitch!

    C. J.
    Excellent Minimalist Option

    I love minimalism and keeping things simple. This wallet provides a clever solution, especially for those times you really want to minimize what you carry on you (like when on vacation), and it's exactly what I hoped for. Simple but effective design. You won't regret this purchase. Additionally, the customer service is top-notch. I have this on my gift list for family and friends (especially upcoming gradations). I'm glad I made the decision to try this wallet.

    Thank you so much! We hope they loved their engraved wallet!

    Lenny t.l.
    I love this wallet

    This wallet caught my eyes as soon as I saw it and now that I own one, it's amazing. It helped me slim down all the cards i don't need, it's super easy to use, and is defintely the best looking wallet i've had.