Weave | Carbon Fiber
 Weave | Carbon Fiber
 Weave | Carbon Fiber
 Weave | Carbon Fiber
 Weave | Carbon Fiber
 Weave | Carbon Fiber
 Weave | Carbon Fiber

Weave | Carbon Fiber

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The best minimalist wallet. Guaranteed.

  • Slim, durable, any-pocket wallet
  • Expands to hold up to 12 cards + cash
  • Premium materials | ultra durable
  • Precision machined edges | soft on pockets
  • Heavy duty elastic | easy to customize
  • RFID blocking | wireless theft protection
  • Specs: 2oz | 2.2"w x 3.4"h | 0.3" thickness
  • Coins? Keep them in the coin jar.

Happily based in Utah, USA :)


    Weave Carbon Fiber

    Introducing our strongest and lightest material - premium carbon fiber. This traditional variation of 3K Weave will give you that sophisticated look.

    Ditch that old bulky wallet or purse for a slim, sleek, and sexy any-pocket wallet that will get you excited each time you use it. The Cappla Wallet is a true minimalist wallet/cardholder. Securely carry the essentials while expressing your unique style. It's so simple to use - push, pull, pay. It's the minimalist wallet. Perfected.

    Proudly based in Utah, USA. Responsibly sourced.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great wallet!

    I'm loving this wallet!

    Bart U.
    Loving it

    Best wallet I've had.

    Very sleek!

    Shayden H.
    This thing is sick

    This thing is slick, lightweight and holds the cards well. Feels very quality and I’m super happy with it 👍 My wife and I live in a tiny home so we just love the minimalist lifestyle. These wallets fit right in

    John C.

    Forged | Carbon Fiber

    Randolf M.
    Fantastic Wallet after Learning Curve

    First off, this wallet does take some getting used to. The push/pull method along with pinching to select the occasional middle card works well enough.
    I applaud them for this very simple design.

    The craftsmanship of the Carbon Fiber Forged is just beautiful! And the softer edge does really make a difference in your pockets.

    I had an old minimalist leather wallet but it didn't hold more than 4 cards, this is now comfortably holding 7 cards.
    Overall, color me impressed.